Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery, Fab or Not?

Lee Min Ho plastic surgery

This century has been the golden age for Koreans as they have been taking breaks over show business. And one of the successful Korean actors is Lee Min Ho. This stunning actor has been the face of the top grossing series Boys over Flowers.

His almost perfect face has been the cause of several debates on the web and even on the real world. Some of the spectators strongly believe that his face is too good to be real that this is often thrown to him as question from the press. He has been open with revealing the rumored Lee Min Ho plastic surgery though and has been sharing the operations he has been through.

One of the said operations is rhinoplasty. Lee Min Ho is just one of the people who have been born with an almost perfect face. But, he has made changes still on his face specifically with his nose. And the end result? – An equally stunning nose job that is worthy of praise.

Rumors also say that he has been through operations for is lips. If you come to observe on his past photos, there is a clear mark of Lee Min Ho plastic surgery that will push you to believe that he has been taking the fast lane to being perfect with the surgery.

No one can possibly question him of the surgeries he has been through. Of course, though he may not admit some of the rumors thrown to him, he still has the final say towards keeping his life private. He is even generous enough to share the aesthetic surgeries he has been through.

With all these Lee Min Ho plastic surgery news coming out, will it stop you from following this amazing star? For sure not. If he has been through surgeries, his doctor must have been very good to come up with such a better version of an already great facial feature. Even though he had the surgeries, his charm still remains and his acting prowess goes untouched.

The next thing that you might come to ask is, why is there a need for surgery when he is already a charming actor? Well, the spotlight will not always be drawn closer to people who do not maintain that good looks. It does not mean that he is not good looking but rather, he still has the potentials to look even better. He might be one of the stars who come threatened by new ones coming along that may seem to look even better. For sure, if you have the thrown already, you would not want to lose it which is a justifiable reason for the surgeries.

No matter how others may view Lee Min Ho plastic surgery, it sure is a fab. He is just one of the Korean plastic surgery models that have carried success. Guess, it is never too bad to get through with the surgery especially if it means molding a better person.

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Preparing Self Before and After Plastic Surgery

before and after plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is actually a procedure that tends to enhance the form of a person be it on the face or other body parts. In its early years, it has been used to correct deformities such as that of cleft lip. But, today, it is widely used just to reshape a certain body part that a person finds unpleasant. Just like any other procedure, there is a wide ranged before and after plastic surgery preparations. But, what goes to be really a need is in preparing self emotionally.

When you opt for a plastic surgery, there is a need to prepare your mind. Condition your mind to the procedure so that you will not feel anxious once the surgery goes on. Anxiety will interfere with the procedure as absorption is often lessened with anxiety. To lessen the anxiety, get to relay your fears during your visit to the doctor. Proper information will really help a lot in order to erase your fears. This way, your mind is ready on the right expectations before and after plastic surgery.

Aside from conditioning the mind for the expected outcomes of the plastic surgery, there is also a need to focus on your goal. Sometimes, you will find it hard to follow specific instructions when you lose your focus. When you come to find yourself lazily resisting the routines that you need to follow, get back to your goal to bring that new enthusiasm back.

It will also help a lot to prepare self before and after plastic surgery by doing breathing techniques. This is a proven technique that eases anxiety and relieves stress which comes to be effective too. Breathe in, hold your breath and breathe it out longer than usual. You will be surprised of how it will help calm your racing heart down.

Self-support can be good when establishing a strong emotional aspect but it is good to also get support from your family and friends. Undergoing changes in the body is tormenting without the support of people around you. Connect to your loved ones before and after plastic surgery in order to get the support you need. It is easier to get the process done with people on your back.

You can also join support groups. The good thing about this is that you will see those who have been on the same shoes as yours. This way, relating would never be that difficult.

You may find the emotional aspect quite insignificant in plastic surgery but the fact is that it takes a huge chunk on the preparations. It is proved by experts that emotional preparation before and after plastic surgery does a lot especially on the recovery process as it tends to determine the willingness of the person to perform recovery deals.

Just when you are too concerned about the pain of surgery, it is best also to focus on your emotional aspect too. With it prepared, you are sure to happily go through the surgery and take every important step to follow the routines that you need to follow after the procedure.

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Plastic Surgery Before and After Checklist

plastic surgery before and after

Plastic surgery is just like any other operation, there is a need to take ample preparations before and after the surgery in order to make sure that it arrives to a success. If you are taking the choice of undergoing the procedure, here is a plastic surgery before and after checklist on the things that you should not miss.


Invasive plastic surgeries which make use of knives and scalpels usually would need to have a consent signed by you. Consent is a document which proves that you have understood the surgery and that you have whole heartedly wants to put yourself to the procedure. But before signing the consent, make sure that you have understood its contents. Problems happen when you have never read the consent. When you come to be unhappy of the result, you cannot actually put the blame on anyone as you have consented to undergo the surgery.  If you have questions about the document, relay it to your surgeon before making some marks.


When you are thinking that warranties are only for your appliances, you are wrong. There are several plastic surgery clinics having warranties offered to their clienteles. Warranties actually protect you from getting less than what you have paid for. With a warranty, you will still be entertained by the surgeon for free should there be complaints after the surgery. This is not applicable to all clinics though so you should ask beforehand.


This is also one thing that you should not be shy of asking. Tests before the surgery will reveal your ability to withstand the procedure. This would also leave you with the choices for the surgery should some of the results show certain inadequacies. Your doctor would always discuss your options in order for you to have full control of the procedure.


Information is something that you should not miss on plastic surgery before and after procedure. Proper information would erase your worries and thus lessening your anxiety. This is also a good mark to see the risks linked with the surgery. Knowing the risks would alert you to the things that you should and should not do on plastic surgery before and after procedure.

Proper information would also alert you of the things to watch out for plastic surgery before and after. There is nothing that can actually topple down a person who is rightly informed on the cases to expect after the procedure.

Doctor’s Orders

To top the checklist, you should also consider doctor’s orders. This applies before and after the surgery as there are things that you need to follow to be able to get the best results. Doctor’s orders would include the medications to take before and after the procedure as well as the practices that you should be doing.


With all of these things on your list, you are sure to be ready for plastic surgery. Carry this list and have it accomplished to be able to finally prepare self before and after the procedure. A brave heart is a need especially for these procedures but a well-armed self would win the deal.


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